Dec. 2022

It all started with a Kitten Cruise

Soon found out she was a kitten eye


Stealing the kids toys, sparked an interest for sea life …. SEAL!!!!

Dec. 2022

Enroute to Malaysia …. Reverse uno card will be pulled on the flight out 🙂 

That moment when you realize, you can’t wear

a sexy bikini in a muslim country

Scary Ride

“We’re prob gonna die…. Ehhh… it’s been a good ride” 

Free hands

Enjoying the sunset in Langkawi,

without our luggage for 12 days (we got over it) 

Still Alive

The look of SUCCESS after  jumping over the couch in the morning 

Game Lover

Always the BEST at every game & sport! HYPED UP! 

Soo Kind

Lending a helping hand 😉 

My fav pic 🙂
Jan. 2023

“I remember every sunset” 

Dooo Dooo Doo

“We wrote out names in the sand….. Doooo doooddo dooo dooooo” 

Never say that

“We aint never gonna say good bye” 

Feb. 2023
Miami bish

South Beach is a vibe 

Just 2 lil seals 

We FOUND the rock!!!! 

Riding horses with the Croatian man 🙂 

March 2023

Why it say dat tho? 

On Skies

1st day on skis & absolutely crushed it!!! Until … we didnt & had to be saved

March 2023
Santa Barbara

We found the “SEAL sanctuary”!

March 2023
Catalina Wine Mixer

Beautiful hike up a random hill with matching shirts 😉

Same Pinch 🙂

Probably yelling SEAL!!!!

April 2023
Las Vegas

Probably singing about Seals 

“Do we have time for a M&M pic…. Yeah we prob do” 

John Wick Day 

Kitten eye live in action 

David Guietta at Encore Beach Club 

Last but not least ….the infamous  SEEEEEAL pic 🙂 

Quotes to Remember

  • Mikey moo & Lil Ebs 1
  • My lil parrot 2
  • Lil baby seal 3
  • Endless Pup Piles 5
  • 1-800-memes & Dreams 6
  • Memoooo 7
  • Memmmalishious 8
  • Ohhhh SEAL 9
  • Don’t sexualize a seal! 10
  • Welcome to Mr. Gs room, Gs room …. Gs room 11
  • Well well watcha gonna do?? 12
  • You have the heart of an angel, the voice of furgy & the mind of a scientist 👨🏾‍🔬 13
  • I’m a passenger princess that gives the RIGHT directions 14
  • Initials E&M = ME & WE (came to conclusion we together) 15
  • This is a stick lamp 🪔 … half stick half lamp 16
  • Imma bad bitch … with bad bronchitis 17
  • Shout out to car DJ … & honorable mention to da base dou 18
  • Bronchitis bae 19
  • Imma use HIS bathroom 🚽 boom used the reverse UNO card 20
  • Dream dream dream … dream (shark boy circa 2005) 21
  • When you realize YOU ARE the egg car 22

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